Exciting Premiere: Mountain Air Cargo Unveils ATR72-600F Aircraft in the Caribbean

Mountain Air Cargo has added a new aircraft to its Caribbean work scope. In a moment eagerly awaited by aviation enthusiasts and industry experts alike, the Caribbean region has witnessed the spectacular debut of the all-new ATR72-600F aircraft. The ATR72-600F stands out as the first-ever “purpose-built regional freighter”. It boasts the remarkable capability to carry significantly heavier payloads than its converted passenger-configuration counterparts.

The unveiling of the ATR72-600F in the Caribbean signifies not only a momentous achievement but also marks the dawn of an exciting era in the world of air cargo. This groundbreaking aircraft is just the initial stride of a promising journey with innovation at the forefront. Stay tuned for more developments!

The current run for the ATR72-600F is BQN-SLU.