A Great Ending to a Great Week- Mountain Air Cargo in Oshkosh 2023

Oshkosh is the most special time of the year in the aviation world!

MAC representatives were Chief Pilot – Pete Tutak, Director of Corporate Recruiting & Compliance – Hilary Patterson, International Recruiter & Employee Engagement Specialist – Miriam Acevedo, and C408 Captain – Ceciel Helder.

CSA Air representatives were Director of Operations – Todd Silverstone, Operations Manager – Candie Faust, Director of Safety – Tom Rhoades, and Chief Pilot – Kurt Anderson.

MAC and CSA Air met up with members of the FedEx Feeder Family to recruit top talent and spread word about our unique culture and strategic growth plan. The new Cessna C408 SkyCourier also made a special appearance on the line towards the end of the week.

“Oshkosh was a great event this year for MAC & CSA, especially with the changes to the Purple Runway Pathway Program to a true Flow. There is a great interest in cargo and the quality of life it provides compared to other options in the industry.” -Hilary Patterson, Director of Corporate Recruiting & Compliance