Mountain Air Cargo introduces the newest ATR72-600 aircraft for the BQN/SDQ route

The latest ATR72-600 aircraft recently acquired by Mountain Air Cargo will make its debut on the newly added BQN-SDQ route, utilizing the ULD (Unit Load Device) system. Unlike the traditional “bulk loading” technique, a unit load device is a container designed for loading freight. This method enables the pre-loading of cargo, ensuring the containerized load fits the aircraft, streamlining aircraft weight and balance planning, and reducing labor and time during the loading process.

With the utilization of the ULD system, Mountain Air Cargo is taking a significant step towards modernizing our operations. By adopting this innovative approach, we are not only optimizing our cargo handling procedures but also prioritizing safety and precision in aircraft loading.

Mountain Air Cargo’s commitment to embracing new technology and improving our services is the number one priority in order to provide our customers with quality service. As the new aircraft takes flight, it symbolizes Mountain Air Cargo’s progress, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.