MAC’s First C208 SIC – Sierra Ferdman

My journey into aviation was very unique. It all started in high school when I applied to go into an Aviation STEM high school. From there I discovered my passion and love for flying.  This eventually led me to Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics and ATP Flight school where I earned all of my flight certificates.

As a high school student just getting my feet wet I always knew my passion for flying would lead me into a position of teaching and mentoring others. Being a flight instructor and simply a female in aviation I try my hardest to give back to the aviation community. Looking back, if it wasn’t for a special person that took time out of his life to change mine I never would have imagined I would be capable of being where I am today. That is why I always try to take extra time to change others lives and dedicate time mentoring young professionals about their career possibilities and making sure they know they can do anything they set their mind to – even when they think it may not be possible.

Getting to this point in my career has taken many sacrifices, hard work and dedication. Many long nights, and early mornings. All of those sacrifices have led me to being given an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dreams, and I’m hopeful one day this journey will lead me to look back and say “you made it” – to my 17 year old self who fell in love with a dream to work for FedEx.