MAC welcomes Samantha Szefler

Samantha Szefler – Assistant Chief Pilot

Sam joined the MAC team in August and brings with her a wide variety of experience ranging from cargo flying in the Shorts SD3-30 to 121 passenger service in the CRJ series. Sam will begin flight training in the Caravan starting this September, and once training is over, she will be splitting her time between the office and the line to support the pilot group.


MAC welcomes Summer Norris

Summer Norris – Senior Project Manager

Summer joined us in August and brings over 15 years of industry experience in Technical Publications and Project Management

She will be working on the following projects this coming fiscal year and next

  • ATR-600F implementation
  • C408 implementation

MAC welcomes Mike Magor

Mike Magor – Director of Quality

Mike joined the team in July of this year and brings over 20 years of quality experience which includes new aircraft into service, manual authoring and aircraft conformity.  He will oversee Quality Assurance/Auditing and Inspection/RII as well as assist with implementation of the new ATR-600 and C408.